Exciting 5 High Paying Work Abroad Jobs With Less Skills

Work Abroad Guide

If you are not able to do more studies due to some reason and you want to do a work  abroad then there is nothing to worry. You can easily earn good money by doing job in other country. Before we let you know what are the work abroad options, let’s iscuss some of the important points that need to be adopted before working abroad.

Workers themselves have no choice but to be conscious to make their work abroad journey safe and enjoyable. You also need awareness and vigilance in this regard to reduce the possibility of falling into the trap of a broker.

Due to lack of information and falling into wrong hands, many workers who work abroad may have to endure various hardships in foreign lands, find it difficult to return home, in some cases even face imprisonment and even lose their lives. Therefore, the person going for employment must pay attention to various things about his foreign trip.

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9 Tips For Those Going For Work Abroad

Many people have a dream that they get a work abroad, but many times this dream is not fulfilled. This is not possible because of the right guidelines. Do you also have a dream of earning money by work abroad? then you can easily get a work abroad by keeping these things in mind.

1. Weak Students Should Improve External Ability Before Working Abroad

Do not plan to go abroad in a hurry. If you act wisely, you will not have trouble in abroad. Many people know that most of the people who go abroad for work have suffered a lot. There is an important reason for that – ‘incompetence’. What skills do you have to work abroad? If not, think about what you can do abroad if you don’t have the skills. Of course, there is no other options than worst kind of labor.

Even if you do not have the skills, the manpower will still say ‘this job, that job’, in the companies for their benefit. But you need to understand that if you don’t have any skill in hand, then you have to work hard. But if you have the particular skill required for the particular job, then you can earn a handsome income working abroad.

You must believe in skill, not fate. So learn the skill yourself and build your fortune and future. If possible, work in the country, if the environment is not conducive to try work abroad. Learned skills will always keep you strong. Hastening to go abroad can be counterproductive, so move forward with the process only if you understand everything well.

2. Get Help From a Statutory Body

You should not go abroad illegally depending on any particular person as much as possible. Don’t go to a manpower company with such people, go straight to the manpower company yourself if possible. If a person says that he will send you work abroad, don’t believe him without any basis.

Consultancy firms, travel agencies, money transfer changers, brokers, agents or any other organization do not have the right to send for foreign employment. Don’t give money to any of these people in the hope of going abroad, there is a possibility of you being cheated.

Institutionally, manpower companies send workers abroad. However, it is not certain that all the manpower operating in the city has gone with the permission of the government. Has the manpower company you contacted to go abroad got permission from the government or not? Find the answer in the first step.

Is the work of manpower stopped? Dismissed or not? These things need to be understood. This information is provided to you by the Department of Foreign Employment.

You can also see the details of manpower online in the department. A person who goes for foreign employment after obtaining a visa through personal effort can get a labor permit with the original documents certified by your countries’ embassy. You must have enough information about which organization or through which to go.

3. Be Aware of Work, Facilities and Costs

It is up to you to decide which country and which job to go for employment. How much does it cost? Salary for work, food and accommodation, working hours, overtime work allowance? Get to know the contract period and more.

If a manpower company asks for a passport in order to send you to work in abroad, submit the original passport with the payment only after determining the time frame and cost for the work.

Once the visa is issued in your name and the foreign country is confirmed, deposit the amount only in the bank account or head office of the manpower company. Compensation of the amount remitted must be kept safely. You must know how much it costs to go to which country.

Do not give more than the amount mentioned in the advertisement as per the prior approval. The agreement should be signed only if you are satisfied with the country, company, working position and profession, salary allowance, other facilities and terms of service. Also keep a copy of the agreement with you.

Two types of labor permits are issued for work abroad, individual and institutional. Labor permission to go abroad can be obtained from the office under the Department of Foreign Employment.

Re-employment permit (renewal) must be obtained when the previous labor permit has expired or when going back to foreign employment in a new country or company. After the expiration of the contract, do not illegally stay longer than the validity of the visa without approval.

5. Make Your Insurance Mandatory

Before going abroad, get a health check-up only from a listed health institution. Don’t miss the government-certified hologram health examination certificate. This provides a basis for seeking compensation for returning from abroad after failing a health examination.

Get life insurance from the insurance company specified by the government according to the contract period. Pay for insurance, get a receipt and keep it safe. Labor sanction is not available without paying the insurance amount. Don’t pay the insurance fee to the broker, go to the insurance company and pay the amount yourself.

6. Participate In The Orientation

It is also necessary to take orientation training before going work abroad. This will make it easier for you to deal with problems abroad. It is mandatory to take two days orientation training at the institution designated by the government.

Orientation training provides ample of information on the geographical conditions, climate, traffic rules, general legal provisions related to labor and other issues. You should also get information about the method of sending the money you earned to yours’ country legally.

7. Keep Documents Safe

Before going abroad for foreign employment, you should keep a copy of all the employment related documents you have received in your home safe and sound.

Verify all the documents you need to take with you. This is because you may have to deal with problems without paperwork when you arrive at the immigration departure hall or abroad.

Documents are also your legal weapon. So make sure it stays with the family and with you. Do not carry prohibited items when going work abroad. Arrests are likely at airports and abroad. You need to know in advance what items are prohibited.

8. Don’t go through the foreign route

Those who are active in cheating in foreign employment can make various excuses and show the temptation to take them from different foreign airports.

When going abroad for work, use the airport of your own country. Otherwise the chances of being cheated are high. Don’t buy air tickets without getting a work permit. Don’t go abroad for employment using different routes of other countries.

If someone is harassing you, report it to the local police. When you go into hiding, you will be cheated, you will be prosecuted, you will be stranded, you will have an accident, you will not be able to get a job as per the agreement, it will be difficult to get rescue and you will not get services from welfare fund and insurance company

9. Keep Track of The Country You Are Visiting

Work abroad is definitely not easy, so it is important to have a good knowledge of the country you are going to. Ask your friends or elders about the language, culture, manners, customs, and laws of that country.

Such information is easily available from those who have returned and those who have been there. The contact address of the embassy of your country in the country you are going to, the phone numbers and fax numbers of the organizations that help and assist other workers should be kept in the diary. It will be very helpful.

What kind of work do those whose educational qualification are low get in abroad?

work broad


1. English teacher

There are many countries where people cannot speak English and English has become an essential language nowadays. If you can speak English then you can easily get a job outside. You can earn a good money by teaching English in countries like China where the students are still unknown about the language.

2. Jobs in the field of planning

In countries like Saudi Arabia, a lot of people are being hired for planning. They hires people who can do research and planning. Projects are prepared based on their planning. On the other hand, many countries hire workers from those countries who can help them to increase their business in different countries and get information about the world market.

3. Advertising and designing

Saudi Arabia also needs people in this field. If you are interested in creating ads or creative designing then you can start your career here. You can also be offered better money for your idea. For this you need to know your work instead of degree.

4. Tourism

If you have a hobby of traveling then you can make good money in this field too. For this you have to join a company from abroad and after that you can take the tourists on tours of different countries. There is more demand for people who can take foreigners around your country, so you can get more jobs.

5. Other Jobs

If you want to go abroad and you are not familiar with any particular job, you can also do an office staff job. You can easily get such jobs and you can earn good money.


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