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Now Indian students can apply in many world-renowned universities abroad for study according to their desire and need: These days there are many study abroad options available for Indian students. If you are a student who wants to pursue his/her higher academic degree from a foreign university, then these days there are many courses available for you in colleges and universities in many countries around the world.

Many institutes or universities prefer to admit Indian students as foreign students and concession is also given to Indian students on the basis of certain criteria. Due to the tough competition in the academy and job market in our country, most of the talented students in India want to take admission in a good foreign institute for their higher studies.

Universities across the world appreciate the talent and activism of Indian students and want Indian students to take admission in their campuses. Foreign degree holders get excellent job offers in India. There are also attractive career options abroad for Indian students pursuing a degree from a foreign university. Hence, in this article we are discussing about the study options available abroad for Indian students.

Importance of studying abroad

Every year, the number of Indian students applying for admission to foreign universities is increasing rapidly, be it at the graduation level or post graduation level. Although it is generally termed as brain drain, but if thought carefully, it also has the potential for growth in the career of the students. So we should also consider the bright side of studying abroad. Let us look at some of the major advantages of studying abroad.

What is admission process?

Indian students get many benefits of studying abroad. The Admission process is also easy.
The admission process in India’s top higher education institutions is highly competitive, be it IIMs for MBA or IITs for engineering. In contrast, students with a better educational background and stable financial aid are highly valued in foreign universities. Although the admission process of major foreign colleges or universities is also difficult, but there is no fierce competition like India.

Promising job and career prospects

A degree from a foreign college or university makes a candidate’s resume more impressive. Generally speaking, students who have a degree in a foreign university are more likely to get job opportunities and a good salary package than students who have obtained a degree from an Indian university or institute.

Students doing research have access to the greatest resources and possibilities.

When it comes to research opportunities, Indian higher education institutions lag far behind their foreign counterparts. Financial support and resources for doctoral programs in India are still not adequately arranged. Even now, most of the students are not able to do research work due to lack of financial support despite their desire and talent.

In comparison to Indian universities, which gives appropriate financial assistance to students and enable them to finish their research work, foreign institutions get and invest a considerable amount for the development of research facilities.

Accommodation facilities

Due to the facility of migrating abroad after studying from a foreign university, most of the Indian students look for the option of studying abroad so that they can get the facility of staying there without any hassle in the future.

Especially graduate level students who choose to study in foreign universities, often want to pursue jobs in the country where they study. In many countries such as the US and Canada, they seek employment upon completion of studies. There are very favorable immigration policies for the students studying there.

The standard of education

Even in the top colleges and universities of India, the educational standards of the international level are not fully followed. By the way, the quality of higher education in institutions of India is gradually improving and now they are also trying to meet the international level educational standards.

There is still a huge gap between practical and theoretical studies and special emphasis is placed on theory whereas, on the other hand, foreign universities and colleges have adopted more interactive and participating methodologies through case studies and experiential learning. This leads to proper development of the students and their interest in studies also increases.

Tips to choose the right course or college abroad for Indian students

abroad for Indian students
abroad for Indian students

When it comes to studying abroad, an important question before the students is that how do we know which college and which course will be most suitable for us? Well, there is no simple and definite answer to this question. The right course and college may be different for each student based on their preferences. By the way, generally students planning to study abroad can consider the following things to choose the right college and course.

Language / Medium of Study

Different countries follow different languages ​​as the medium of instruction for higher education. For example, a basic knowledge of the German language is essential for students planning to join a German university. Also, for countries where courses are offered in the English language, the knowledge of the local language helps the students to interact with the faculty.

Suitable courses

In most cases, students who opt for overseas study first decide on the country and then look for a college that offers them the course they are interested in. But this is a wrong strategy. Instead, students should first consider their course and focus on which college or country is best for that course. Different regions of each country have their own specialty. So apply only in the colleges of the country relevant to you.

Education Cost

The cost of education is not only limited to the course fee or tuition fee that you pay to the college. This includes the total cost including cost of living, study material, student visa, boarding and accommodation etc. Courses, colleges and the country you decide to study in, the cost of living in the country, all should be within your budget

Application Process.

While deciding to study abroad, students should also be fully aware of the application process there. The longer the application process, the longer you will remain worried. So choose a country that has a unified application process.

Which country provides the best facilities for Indian students?

Since more and more students of India want to move abroad for higher studies. So nowadays some changes are being seen in the list of most preferred study abroad destinations for Indian students. Traditionally countries such as the United States, Britain and Australia have topped the list for the past decade, but other countries have also joined the list.

USA for Indian students

The United States of America or the USA  generally tops the list of study abroad destinations for international students and the US is also the first choice for Indian students. Ivy League colleges and universities attracts international talent such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and MIT and because of the universities, America is definitely the most preferred study abroad destination.

Main Courses Taught in the United States

  1. Business and Management Studies
  2. Engineering
  3. Math’s and computer science
  4. Social science
  5. Physical and life science

Germany for Indian Student

Traditionally the United Kingdom or the UK has been the most preferred study abroad destination in Europe, but Germany has recently taken its place. Germany continues to be the first choice in the list of most preferred foreign destinations for Indian students due to quality and affordable education.

The fees for studying in German universities are nominal and there is no tuition fee. Also, the degrees obtained from the university here are internationally recognized. This is the main reason why it is one of the best study abroad destinations for Indians.

Main Courses Taught in Germany

  1. Business / Management Studies
  2. Arts / Humanity
  3. Math’s and computer science
  4. Engineering
  5. Fine and Applied Arts

Canada For Indian Students

Canada is one of the recent entrants to this list and has emerged as the third most preferred study abroad destination for Indians. The quality of education, affordable cost and safe and multicultural environment are the key factors that are contributing significantly to Canada’s popularity as an overseas education hub for Indian students.

Main Courses Taught in Canada

  1. Computer science
  2. Business and Management Studies
  3. Hospitality / Hotel Management
  4. Medical / Life Science
  5. Liberal arts

Singapore For Indian Students

In terms of Southeast Asia, Singapore has been a popular location for Indian students studying abroad. The country is the hub of some top class universities and higher education institutions and provides quality education to Indian students at an affordable cost.

The emergence of Singapore as a major business hub for MNCs and global businesses has significantly cemented its position as a preferred overseas study destination for Indian students.

Main Courses Taught in Singapore

  1. Engineering
  2. Business / Management Studies
  3. Computer science
  4. Banking & Finance
  5. Law / Legal Studies

Australia For Indian Students

Australia has also been a preferred destination among international Indian students for higher studies. The country is recognized globally for a strong higher education system. Along with academic courses taught by the university, degrees of many professional courses are also awarded here.

Australia is the preferred destination for Indian researchers as it provides the right guidance to doctoral students to meet their essential basic needs.

Main Courses Taught in Australia

  1. Engineering
  2. Business / Management Studies
  3. Medical / Health Studies
  4. Math’s and computer science
  5. Social science

New Zealand For Indian Students

Students will not believe it but nowadays New Zealand, a small island situated next to Australia, is also being given priority by Indian students for higher education. In the last five years, New Zealand has emerged as a most preferred study destination for Indian students.

8 of the top 500 World’s best universities ranked by QS are located in New Zealand. This proves that the country provides quality education at par with global standards. Apart from regular universities, New Zealand has 20 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnic Institutes There are also many Personal Training Establishments (PTEs), which provide technical and vocational training to the students.

Main Courses Taught in New Zealand

  1. Engineering
  2. Business / Management Studies
  3. Physical and life science
  4. Social science
  5. Math’s and computer science

Indian students Can Pass These Key Examinations for Overseas Study.

Study Abroad Options For Indian Student

International English Language Testing System(IELTS)

The International English Language Testing System is probably the most popular test among students who are planning to pursue their studies abroad. It is a foreign proficiency test for Indian students. The IELTS test is designed with the aim of evaluating the key language skills of the students at the language level such as listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Countries such as the US, UK, New Zealand and Canada accept IELTS scores for Indian students for admission to leading education centres, universities and educational institutions and higher education programs.

Test of English Language as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

TOEFL or Test of English Language as a Foreign Language is an English proficiency test is conducted to assess a candidate’s English speaking ability and comprehension. More than 9,000 colleges, foreign universities and institutions accept TOEFL scores as valid proof of a Certificate of English Proficiency.

There are around 130 active participants of TOEFL where the scores of this test are accepted for admission to international students. This exam is conducted by the Examination Educational Service (ETS), an American non-profit organization.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The Graduate Record Examination, commonly known as the GRE test  is a standardized entrance exam accepted by many popular and reputed B-schools, universities and educational institutions across the world.

The GRE test is administered and conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is helpful for the admission process in educational institutions to compare the academic profile and proficiency of various students.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a globally accepted MBA entrance test through which MBA candidates are screened, shortlisted and selected for admission. Conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC, Graduate Management Admission Council), GMAT is a computer adaptive test that tests the reading skills of an MBA candidate along with quantitative, analytical, writing and verbal tests.

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)

The Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test for students planning to pursue higher education abroad. The SAT was initially developed as a common entrance test for students wishing to join colleges/universities for higher education in the US.

Currently conducted by the College Board, the SAT exam is a mandatory requirement for admission to graduate courses in foreign universities. In addition to the usual SAT tests, candidates can also take a SAT test in a related subject or course to support their candidacy for a particular subject course/program.

American College Test (ACT)

The American College Test is a standardized test that assesses the academic preparedness of students applying for admission to American colleges. The purpose of the ACT Standardized Test is to test the knowledge of students seeking admission to high school.

Law School Admission Test (LSA)

LSA is a very important standardized test for students planning to pursue law education in the United States, Canada and many other countries. This test is managed and administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

It assesses the knowledge and talent of all law school aspirants equally. A good score in LSAT helps Indian students to get admission in reputed law schools of any English speaking education center.

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