Tips on how to get job in abroad in 2021.


How to get a job in abroad? Going abroad possesses  a complex problem for job seekers. Going abroad and getting a job is a dream for many people. While working outside your home country can have many benefits, the best part is that you get a chance to be a part of a whole new culture along with more money.

Apart from this, you also get a chance to travel to different places and make new relationships. How to get a job abroad? If you read this post carefully, it will be easy for you to find a job abroad.

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How to get a job abroad? To deal with these problems, while looking for a job, we have to take care of some very important things.

  • What kind of job do you want in another country?
  • What are you capable of doing?
  • Does the country where you want to work easily give jobs to immigrants,
  • How much do you know about the language of that country?
  • Do any of your relatives or acquaintances already work in that country or have done etc.

If you have some information about the law and culture of that country, then it will be easier.

Are you ready to work in another country? We will tell you here how to go abroad and what it takes to get a job in another country.

How to get job abroad?

Visa is the most important requirement for working in any foreign country. You cannot work there without a work visa and doing so is a legal offense. Companies will offer you jobs but if you do not have a visa, they may hesitate to sponsor your visa.

How to get job abroad? follow the steps given below:

Start by looking for a job abroad

The first and probably the most challenging task of applying for a job abroad is to find job profiles that you can apply for. It depends on your skill, experience, desire, and financial condition. Also, this job is difficult because there is no single website that will show you foreign jobs according to your needs. But there is no dearth of jobs you just need to know where to look for. You can look for work abroad in the following ways:

Networking is most important for How to get job abroad

First of all start by talking to people you know. If any of your relatives or friends work in another country, then you should contact them and tell them that you are also looking for work abroad and ask for their help. Networking is very effective and the more people you contact, the better your chances of getting a job quickly.

There are many such groups on Facebook in which people post about how to get job abroad. You can join such groups and do networking by talking to the members of the group. To find such groups, write ‘Jobs Abroad‘ in your Facebook and select the ‘Groups‘ option.

Job Fair

Many companies organize job fairs from time to time. Do attend these job fairs. You can search ‘Abroad job fair’ or ‘Foreign job fair’ on Google to find job fairs.

Job Search Engine: There are many websites that can help in finding work abroad. However, this task becomes difficult because the country in which you are looking for a job, you have to go to the job search engine of that country and search it. For example is a good website to find jobs in India but if you want to work in countries like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait then you should search on or

Agency and Recruiter: There are many agencies that work to get you a job abroad. These are also called Overseas Recruitment Agency and you can find such agency near you. But keep one thing in mind, before giving money or documents to any agency providing jobs in abroad, check and know well whether it is fake or not. There are many companies that fraudulently take money in the name of proving jobs in abroad and later disappear, so it is very important to do your investigation.

Also, it is possible that in the agencies that you sign the agreement, it will continuously demand a part of your salary in the form of fees. In such a situation, it becomes very important to read your agreement thoroughly. If possible, take advice from a lawyer by showing the agreement.

Apply for How to get job abroad :

After finding a job comes applying for that foreign job. To apply for jobs abroad, the channel from which you have come to know about the job is important. Suppose you have come to know about a job in America from a job fair, then the best thing would be that you apply for that job in the job fair itself. Similarly, if you have come to know about that job online, then you should read about that job well from there and apply online only.

Apply for visa

If you have got a job in another country then your work does not end here. Getting a Visa and Work Permit can take a lot of time and money. Passport is not only a basic requirement to go to any other country, along with this you may have to submit many more documents like medical report, police report etc. That is why it becomes very important that you have a good knowledge of the entire visa process and the required documents. Complete information about the visa process is mostly available from the website of the Embassy of that country. You can read from there or you can go to the embassy to find out.

If you get a job through a foreign job placement agency, these agencies can help you get your visa. It may charge you a little more money for this, but the advantage of this is that you are saved from going to the offices.

Which courses to take for job abroad?

You have multi option to work abroad, you can take any higher education degree.

  • MBBS
  • Engineer
  • MBA
  • Hotel Management
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Research Export
  • Computer Enginearing
  • Computer Science

Foreign job related questions(How to get job abroad) : Jobs Abroad : FAQ

In which countries jobs are easily available?

Although almost all countries allow the workforce of other countries to work in them, but it depends on that country, what kind of work they allow outside people to do. It also largely depends on the job field (e.g. software, labor, medical etc.)

How to get job abroad
How to get job abroad

For example, in America, many engineers from India go for software related jobs, whereas in Dubai, many people from India go every year for labor related work. This is because the same type of workforce is needed in these countries.

Which countries give the most money?

Generally developed countries like USA, Canada, Switzerland, Iceland etc. give you more money. But the thing to keep in mind is that getting a job in these countries is equally difficult. Also the money depends on what kind of job it is.

How to find overseas shipping company?

Here the sending company abroad can be of two types. The first company that works as an agency and gets people to work abroad. Another such company that will give you a job here and later send it to your foreign office to work.

Talking about sending agency abroad, you can search them on Google by writing ‘Overseas placement agency near me’. Keep in mind that whichever agency you choose, check it out and read it thoroughly before signing any paper.

If you want to start a job in India and later go to the foreign office of the company, then for that you have to look for a company whose clients or offices are in other countries. In the software development field, it often happens that the company sends you on-site. Some such companies are Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Tech Mahindra, Infosys etc.

How much education is required for a job abroad?

How much education is required depends on the field in which you want to work. If you want a white collar job then you must be a graduate and if you want to do labor related work then you may not need to study. Also, it may be possible that foreign companies offering work in the field in which you want to work will also demand experience from you. If you have passed class X then your passport also gets you Non-ECR.


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